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Lark Auto | Launch design, Help Lark Auto take off

publish:2019-07-04 17:55:06   views :34962
publish:2019-07-04 17:55:06  

     On February 23, Lark Auto and Shanghai Launch Automotive Technical Co., Ltd officially signed a cooperation agreement at the beautiful Anshun Base in Guizhou, Bai Yonghua who is general manager of Lark Auto, Jian Yubin who is deputy general manager of Lark Auto, etc. and Wang Chuang who is president of Launch design with his team attended the meeting, the two sides give full play to their respective fields, in-depth cooperation on vehicle design and other aspects. For the first cooperation, the focus will be on the design of the Q5 new vehicle model and the development of the Q1 new energy vehicle.


With Launch design power, craftsmanship new products

     Lark Auto was born in 1988, has a profound military industrial background, is "the young son of Chinese automobile industry", it is also one of the earliest identified eight major car production bases in China. In 2019, Multi-directional development, Lark Auto will continue to introduce talents, enrich product types and broaden market channels, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise market in an all-round way.


Shanghai Launch Automotive Technical Co., Ltd is one of the first independent car design companies established in China, it is currently the only independent automobile design company in China that has been awarded the title of “National level Industrial Design Enterprise” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It has domestic first-class technical strength in vehicle full-process research and development in vehicle integration, vehicle design, engineering development and design verification, design services for many car companies such as Great Wall, Geely, Changan and BYD.



     As the two main characters in automobile manufacturing and vehicle design, Lark Auto and Launch design have different advantages and resources in their respective fields, the two sides will jointly study and analyze the preference of customers for the shape of the car, focus on customer's needs, design a new car shape that fits the public's aesthetic.


Advance with the times, Layout hydrogen energy vehicle market

     The current new energy and intelligence has become the leading direction of the automotive industry, accompanied by the completion of Lark Auto new energy base project, Q1 new energy vehicle development is also on the agenda, Lark Auto will deepen the new energy (hydrogen energy) automotive field, keep pace with the times, rely on the power of science and technology, create new energy quality cars!



Quanjiereferred to as "Q", Chinese is the first letter of "Quan", interpretation "Complete, Not lacking at all", English is the first letter of "quality", interpretation "Quality, Overall characteristics".

     This cooperation is a new starting point for both parties, it is based on the cooperation of developing enterprises and the quality of automobiles, promotes mutual progress with the vision of development, takes the initiative to meet new opportunities in the development of the automotive industry.


     Launch design has strong strength and rich experience in vehicle design. Believe through close cooperation between the two sides, Lark Auto will drive to the fast lane of the automotive industry with meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, achieve beyond!

Airport Road, Anshun Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anshun City, Guizhou Province
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