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Guihang Youth Lotus Automobile Co.,Ltd was formerly affiliated to Guizhou Aviation Industry Group Company, a subsidiary of AVIC. Started car production as early as the early 1990s, established a joint venture with Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan in 1998, production of the Lark mini car, it is one of the earliest identified eight major car production bases in China. Guihang Youth Lotus Automobile Co.,Ltd is a passenger car manufacturing enterprise with research and development, production, sales in one, it has four major automobile manufacturing processes: stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly, annual production capacity of 30,000 passenger cars. Expansion of the new factory on the basis of the original site in 2018, the total area is 443 Mu (including 90 Mu of old factory), it is a green smart factory with the design capacity is double shift of 80,000 units. Lark Auto adheres to the corporate philosophy of “making good car, just for good life”, and inherits the spirit of craftsmanship of military industrial enterprises with rigor, strictness, seriousness, seriously study and keep improving. Through years of experience in automotive manufacturing and management, it continues to innovate, to provide our customers with quality products. Adhere to the principle of "customer-oriented, service for customer ", to provide our customers with quality and caring after-sales service, let you experience good car and enjoy a good life!
About us
About us
Our history
Our history
Since the beginning of 1980, the development, research and production of auto parts have been started,production support for many auto companies across the country, auto parts products have become one of the pillars of Guihang Group's civilian products, at the same time, it laid a good foundation for developing and producing mini cars.
In 1987, Guihang Group brewing transformation, the old aerospace industry department send car project for it, the car project started, Guihang Shuangyang Aircraft Manufacturing Plant Automobile Branch was established, it was one of the “three big, three small, two micro” in the national automobile industry strategic plan.
In 1995, it was renamed as the Guihang Group Automobile Factory, after the joint venture with Fuji heavy industries of Japan, it was renamed as Guizhou Lark Automobile Co., Ltd, Production of “LARK” cars.
In 1998, Guihang and Subaru embarked on a joint venture road, Sino-Japanese joint venture Guihang Lark Automobile Co., Ltd was established.
In 2004, Zhejiang Youth Automobile Co., Ltd become a shareholder, Production of "LOTUS" cars.
In 2007, Guizhou Youth Lark Automobile Co., Ltd changed its name to Guihang Youth Lotus Automobile Co., Ltd.

Strategic restructuring in November 2015, Capital contribution by Guizhou Anyuan New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd and Anshun Industrial Investment Co., Ltd, the share ratio structure is: Guizhou Anyuan New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd is 56%, Anshun Industrial Investment Co., Ltd is 44%.
In March 2018, the first Lark Auto "Q1" in the market, officially sold in June of the same year.
Our culture
Our culture
1、Corporate brand positioning
Integrate global quality resources, manufacture high quality good cars.
2、Our Mission
Create benefits for employees, Create benefits for the company, Create value for society.
3、Corporate values
Core value: Quality and safety
Corporate philosophy: Making good car, just for good life
Brand Concept: Elaborate, Lean, Quality Goods
Airport Road, Anshun Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anshun City, Guizhou Province
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