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Lark Auto | Attended the Canton Fair, "China Quality Making" re-display charm

publish:2019-07-04 17:57:42   views :35666
publish:2019-07-04 17:57:42  

       On April 15, the 125th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held at Guangzhou PaZhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Lark Auto as an "old friend" of the Canton Fair, came to the scene as scheduled, showed the charm of " China Quality Making" to the vast number of Chinese and foreign businessmen.


Canton Fair, the propeller of Sino-foreign trade and economic cooperation

     The Canton Fair is an important channel and window for Chinese foreign trade, it has always been regarded as a "barometer" and "wind vane" for Chinese foreign trade, playing a very important role in promoting Chinese enterprises, Chinese products, Chinese brands to the world, and promoting Sino-foreign economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, known as "Chinese Number One exhibition".

     For the booming automotive industry, an influential display platform attracts a lot of attention, provide good development opportunities for enterprise product marketing and channel development. Therefore, participating in the Canton Fair has become a major strategy for the “going out” of the car companies.


Show brand strength, Open up overseas markets

     Lark Auto was born in 1988, has a profound military industrial background, is "the young son of Chinese automobile industry", it is also one of the earliest identified eight major car production bases in China. As a car brand with profound cultural accumulation and technology accumulation, Lark Auto has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "making good car, just for good life", inheriting the brand concept of Elaborate, Lean, Quality Goods, committed to produce good car model to meet the needs of public research and development! This exhibition is a good opportunity for Lark Auto to display its products and brand strength and expand its overseas market.

     Last fall at the Canton Fair, Lark Auto has brought the Q1 to the Canton Fair, attracted many Chinese and foreign businessmen have stopped to consult and negotiate, then successfully opened up the Middle East market.


Interpret the quality of Lark Auto by product strength

     As the model for this exhibition, the design of Q1 in the whole is in line with the "people-oriented" design concept, in terms of design, space chassis, interior feel, etc., it meets the needs of users in terms of practicality, comfort and economy. At the same time, in line with the ever-changing demand for cars in the smart age, the Q1 is equipped with an intelligent car control system, the owner only needs to connect the system via mobile phone, get the car anytime, anywhere, remotely control the vehicle to start, turn off, unlock, lock, etc., greatly improved the interactive experience of people and vehicles, let consumers enjoy extremely intelligent, convenient driving control fun.

     On the stage of the Canton Fair, Lark Auto will continue to showcase Chinese manufacturing to its customers with professional and enthusiastic service, interpret China Quality Making with hard enough products, focus on improving the "stickiness" of old customers and the "satisfaction" of new customers.

     Lark Auto will continue its efforts, let the world enjoy the different life brought by good products, feel the quality and service of Lark Auto.

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